Call Your Officials

Are you ready to key your policymakers into the value of the arts and sciences?

Call Your State Officials with These Messages

Phone calls are an easy and effective way to connect with your state officials. You can find contact information for your state officials here.

Call the main number and ask to speak with the aide who handles higher education issues. If that person is unavailable, leave a voice mail message or convey these ideas to the assistant answering the phone.

Below, find samples to help guide your conversation. If possible, boost your impact by taking just a few minutes to make it more personal with these quick tips and suggestions.

Restore Funding for Public Higher Education

“My name is [Insert Your Full Name] and I am a constituent from [Insert City/Town]. While [Insert State] continues to emerge from the recession, I know that [Representative/ Senator/ Governor Last Name] will face tough decisions in the coming months.

That’s why I want [him or her] to know that I believe investments in higher education that include the arts and sciences are extremely important to the future of this state. Please keep me informed on his priorities for post-secondary education and thank you for your time.”  

Respond Productively When Your Official Publically Disparages the Arts and Sciences

“My name is [Insert Your Full Name] and I am a constituent from [Insert City/Town]. I saw [Representative/ Senator/Governor Last Name’s] recent comments about the arts and sciences in [Insert Source]. I am calling to convey that I strongly support a well-rounded arts and sciences education for today’s students. 

As a state, we do need to provide vocational training and opportunities.But practical skills and technological advancements alone will not solve our state’s most pressing problems. We need a strong base of human understanding to drive innovation and our economic growth. In short, we need to ensure access to quality arts and science education for students as well.

I hope [he or she] will reconsider [his or her] position and please keep me informed of [his or her] post-secondary education priorities. Thank you for your time.”


 Tips and Suggestions to Make Call More Personal:

  • Keep your message as short, simple, and specific as possible. If you can, reference pending legislation in your state or specific budget line items.
  • Tell a brief personal anecdote when possible to tie your message back home for your legislator.
  • Ask for a response by indicating that you would appreciate a reply on the issue.
  • Follow up when appropriate by thanking your legislator when you agree with their votes or informing them when you disagree.

You are key to this movement.

There are quick and simple ways to help.