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You will find that supporters of the arts and sciences come from all types of educational backgrounds and career paths. Interested in sharing your arts and sciences story?

keystories_portrait_bassamshakhashiri_141121“Creativity, eagerness to learn, and passion are common bonds that bring together the arts, sciences and humanities.” watch the video

Bassam Shakhashiri

Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison, Wisconsin

“Humanities and the liberal arts and sciences are fundamental to anything and everything that we do.” watch the video

Neal Lester

Director, Project Humanities

Tempe, Arizona



“If you can think, analyze, write and speak you can do almost anything.” watch the video

Nina Zannieri

Executive Director, Paul Revere Memorial Association

Boston, Massachusetts



In the arts & sciences, we educate students to approach complex problems from a different perspective.” watch the video

Leonidas Bachas

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, University of Miami

Miami, Florida 


“Following pure curiosity, making decisions when faced with ambiguous information, and tolerating and embracing the feeling of always being the outsider in my field du jour- that’s what a well-rounded liberal arts and science education taught me.” read more

Varun Sivaram

Consultant, McKinsey & Co

San Francisco, California  

“The arts & sciences are what constitutes an educated person. watch the video

Robin Bachin

Assistant Provost for Civic & Community Engagement,University of Miami

Miami, Florida 

“We live in a very creative time where artists are being inspired by what scientists are doing and scientists are finding help from working alongside artists.” watch the video


John Durant

Director, MIT Museum Cambridge





“Every great biologist has to be able to draw and both physicists and musicians must understand reverberation… Having art and science go together is critically important.” watch the video

Joe Cox

President, EcoTarium

Worcester, Massachusetts


“We have to support the arts and sciences to drive innovation and continue to expand our horizons world wide” watch the video

Ann-Marie Anderson


Phoenix, Arizona





“The ability to use the arts and sciences to explain each other makes everything easier.” watch the video

George Tzougros

Executive Director, Wisconsin Arts Board

Madison, Wisconsin  




“The arts and sciences are part of the 21st century skills that we want our workforce to have to compete globally.” watch the video

Vanessa Calderón-Rosado

CEO, Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción

Boston, Massachusetts


“The arts and sciences gave me tools to find meaning in my life.” watch the video


George Justice

Professor of English, Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona


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