Key your networks into the value

of the Arts and Sciences.

You can change the way people talk and think about the future of U.S. higher education.

With colleges and universities facing a crossroads today, now is the time to key your social networks into the value of the arts and sciences with these sample social messages below.

Looking for an easy way to advocate for the arts and sciences each week? Keep an eye out for the Arts & Sciences Initiative’s #ToolkitTuesday posts from Phi Beta Kappa.

getsocial_icon_tweetthisTweet This:

I think federal investments in @NEHGov and @NEAarts matter. @YourMemberOfCongress, please support the #arts and #humanities in FY2024.


DYK? #Arts and #Sciences majors graduate with critical thinking, reasoning, and writing skills. All of which are vital to successful careers and lives.

Wondering how we can grow #arts and #sciences support in a divided #Congress? Explore tips from @NASAA_Arts.


#Science is an integral part of the #LiberalArts. I know that #sciencematters to our community and to other around the country. Please support science funding efforts this Congress @YourMemberOfCongress

According to @americanacad, in 2019 the rate of job satisfaction for undergraduate #humanities majors was 87%. Of those with advanced humanities degrees, 91% expressed they were “somewhat” or “very” satisfied with their jobs.


From reducing #polarization to building mutual #respect, the data shows liberal arts grads enrich their communities and democracy as a whole.


Who benefits from the #arts and #humanities in #highered? Everyone! Find out how and why in Christine Henseler’s guidebook, “The Arts and Humanities: Don’t Leave College Without Them.”


Everyone who wants to pursue #liberalarts education should be able to do so. Nearly 7 million students rely on federal #PellGrants to attain higher #education. Help these students by encouraging Congress to #DoublePell.



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getsocial_icon_starMeet Your @Legislators


Building a relationship with your legislators is easier than you might think now that many legislators are on Twitter and Facebook. You can find your federal legislators’ Twitter handles here.

Follow them and periodically tag your state legislators’ handles to your messages of support for the arts and sciences. Bonus tip: This approach also works for reporters covering higher education in your local paper.

Use these facts and figures to key your policymakers into the value of arts and sciences.