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October 2020: National Arts & Humanities Month Resources

October is National Arts & Humanities Month (#NAHM)—a time of recognition of the importance of culture in America. Below, find new resources and infographics that you can share with policymakers and your social networks all year-long. We also encourage you to join Phi Beta Kappa at the 2020 Virtual National Humanities Conference by registering today.

COVID-19 Resources for the Arts & Sciences Community

To help in this time of crisis, the Society has pulled together resources from higher education associations, science coalitions, and cultural advocacy groups for our chapter institutions and members.

Please note: We will post opportunities here at key moments to contact legislators on behalf of higher education, the arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and mathematics.

It is easy to feel helpless in the midst of the pandemic. But together, we can guide the national response and build more resilient communities through the power of the arts and sciences.

Higher Education Associations

Science Coalitions

Cultural Advocacy Groups

Reports and Infographics

chArts and Sciences
(Phi Beta Kappa)

The Economic Benefits and Costs of a Liberal Arts Education
(The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

The Real, Long-term Labor Market Outcomes of Liberal Arts Grads
(Strada Institute for the Future of Work and Emsi)

Federal Funding for Social and Behavioral Sciences
(Association of American Universities)

It Takes More than a Major
(Association of American Colleges & Universities)

Liberal Arts Degrees and Their Value in Employment
(Association of American Colleges & Universities and National Center for Higher Education Management Systems)

Power of the Liberal Arts
(Council of Independent Colleges)

Science Matters
(Science Coalition)

Heart of the Matter
(American Academy of Arts & Sciences)

Arts + Social Impact Explorer
(Americans for the Arts)

District Advocacy Guide: Engaging Humanities Advocates on a Local Level
(National Humanities Alliance)

NEH Impact Index
(Graduate Center Digital Initiatives)

The State of Humanities 2018
(American Academy of Arts & Sciences)

Featured News Articles and Opinions

Liberal Arts Align with Employers Needs 
By Rick Seltzer
Inside Higher Ed  | 01.07.2020

What’s a Liberal Arts Degree Worth?
By Te-Ping Chen and Hanna Sender
The Wall Street Journal | 5.10.19

Study Documents Economic Gains (Yes, Gains) of Liberal Arts Education
By Scott Jaschik
Inside Higher Ed | 2.15.19

Shocker: Humanities Grads Gainfully Employed and Happy
By Scott Jaschik
Inside Higher Ed | 2.7.18

Liberal Arts Prepare Students for a Changing World
By Brian F. Linnane
The Baltimore Sun | 6.13.2018

A Liberal Arts Degree- Specializing in Nothing- Is Actually Great for Your Career
By Amy X. Wang
Quartz | 11.6.17

The Ideal College Education Can Yield Rocket Scientists Who Write Poetry
By John M. Eger and Norah P. Schultz
San Diego Union Tribune | 3.31.17

Historians Make the Best Health Care Workers
By Emily Michelson
Times Higher Education| 1.22.17

You Don’t Need to Know Code to Make It in Silicon Valley
By Alice Ma
LinkedIn Official Blog | 8.25.15

That ‘Useless’ Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech’s Hottest Ticket
By George Anders
Forbes | 7.29.15

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